Loan System Migration


Migration a Loan System that provides credit services and connects borrowers with banks.
Our client is a FinTech company that provides loan solutions to borrowers and businesses. Our customer products help end-users meet the financial needs of their private businesses by providing financial services including credit scores, generous credit, and cash advances. seller loans, equipment loans, and business loans. The current lending system, developed with VB6, is no longer suitable and must be converted to .Net. Customers need to put the new system up and running and we have 3.5 months to develop, including IT testing.

Client:  Loans

Services:  Development

Industry:  Fintech

Via: Desktop Application


The large system includes many businesses: from loan calculation, contract creation, contract management, debt management, accounting to staff and sales management. Includes reporting system for many departments and levels.

The volume of KSTEP required for conversion is large and the customer requires absolute quality assurance because the system calculates money related to the user. While the system have no design doccuments.

The old system was developed based on many third parties for which conversions must be included. Many financial operations are difficult to require project team with relevant knowledge to understand and operate the flow properly.


We have set up a project team including experienced Technical, BA and Tester. The Technical team focuses on the solution while the BA and the tester understand the business of the system.

The Technical Team analyzes the source code and finds points to edit. Includes compilation error and runtime error. Then perform define patterns and solution respectively. BA and Test team conduct business investigation and create test design, in the process of creating confirm with customers to ensure accuracy. The client side will prepare and provide the DB dump.

The test was performed on both old and new systems. Results are compared with each other to ensure absolute accuracy. Test results are also saved and sent to customers for review.


The project team has completed and delivered on time to the customer. The new system was tested and accepted by the customer without any logical errors. Only a limited number of colors of the form and reports are generated due to the differences between VB6 and VB.Net.

Optimizing for conversions means continual testing and adapting to fit the changing needs of your customers and the wider market. By focusing on the foundations for a good website such as voice of customer data, social proof, and a strong value proposition, you can build a robust website with high SaaS conversion rates that’s primed to be the best salesperson possible for your business.

Customers completed acceptance faster than expected and go-live products successfully. We have received a range of other projects that need migration from customers with high trust.

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