Custom Platform for Insurance


Insurance solutions are increasingly becoming more accessible and functional to organisations around the world.
Our client is one of the leading insurance providers in Vietnam. The client’s insurance offerings include life, medical & general insurance products.

Client:  VCB Cardif

Services:  Product Design

Industry:  Fintech


The core system was developed by another company and there are still problems with the performance and stability of the system. We must investigate the solution to improve the Core System. However, the design documents of the current system are not available.

Our client envisaged launching a new experiential website that could be used for engaging site visitors by providing informative content based on their interests. Apart from allowing for easy addition of articles; news and event information, the new website required implementing a customer journey that involved enquiring about the user’s interest in insurance products.

Customers want to have the option of customizing the premium coverage area available to users through the website, allowing them to choose one that is suitable for others. In addition, the development of new products to meet the market with high competition from other life insurance companies must also be guaranteed.


Scrum methodology was used while insurance sharing platform development. It focused on the client involvement, flexible planning, current estimate, risk mitigation in order to complete the project effectively and successfully.

Technical team participates in investigating the current system and redraw the architecture. Analyze each existing problem and study the solution. Maintain core system, reengineered framework and performance tuning, Developed new products, new features on core system.

New features, new products are developed by the dev / test team through each Sprint. While the customer is in charge of the content and operations of the product.


Throughout the process, Tekkila has worked closely with the client's Marketing and IT teams giving the best mix of consultative guidance and hands-on experience for enhance the core system and implementing the website.

Understanding why the platform is being created and what problems it will resolve is crucial to succeeding. Increased site visits with reduction in number of clicks required to find key services and product information.

Now, Our Client can manage full life cycle of insurance products and policies.

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