Automatic Report Creating


Our Japan customer have BPO center where many type of report about advertisement is created. These report used to sale department evaluating, reporting for end user.

Client: Japan BPO Center In Vietnam

Services:  RPA

Industry: Sales System

Via:  not public



There are three main report( Daily, Monthly, weekly), these report are created manually by employee: download data from websites, copy data and paste into report templates. . Customer want to automate creating report to reduce cost.

Need to evaluate and advise customers on a comprehensive solution from the RPA platform that is used to the environment, how to operate for BPO center. In particular, the implementation must ensure a cost reduction of at least 20% compared to the current manual operation.


In terms of human resources for the project, we prepare the BA and technical teams to take part in the customer BPO center. The purpose is to investigate the business and related technical aspects. Thereby evaluating the technology, the type of business that can be automated, and the efficiency of automation.

We have come up with a list of operations with automation and efficiency rates. We also propose the appropriate RPA tool called UiPath and agree with customers to implement.

The impllement is divided into small phases, the first being implemented for typical operations. After completing the first phase we run and evaluate to improve. This is followed by an implementation implementation for the entire selected business.


With nearly 300 jobs that are automated with RPA, the automation level for each business from 60% to 100% has helped our customers reduce staffing costs by 50%. save 30% on operating costs of BPO center.

Except for management, employees of BPO center no longer have to work night shifts, 80% of employees are allowed to take leave in holidays and still ensure most of BPO center's activities.

Delayed deadlines are almost no longer due to the operation of robots 24 / 24h. This makes operating on the Japanese office a lot easier, users have access to timely reports. The number of users accessing our customers' services is increasing day by day.

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