Heathcare Smart Mobility App


The rise of smart phone has made software companies key players in mobile ecosystems.
A is a non-profit hospital and healthcare organization that needed to get and receive information from patients at home

Client:  Japan

Services:  Mobile Development

Industry: Heathcare


Customer had a hard deadline with 3 months duration to go live. Limited timeframe demanded the application be right the first time. Application would be used across multiple device types, screen size and OS.


We set up the team from the moment the customer starts writing the requirement. From customers' ideas, we create prototypes. Along with the screen design, we have helped our customers quickly fulfill their requirements.

We carry out project development by scrum method. With the existing prototype and screen design inheritance, the project team has quickly improved the functionality required.


The project was completed on time and successfully golive. There were no quality issues except for public technical limitations.

The application has been developed and brings many benefits to patients. Our customers have built trust and expand service to users.

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